How TIN PEI LING can turn the table around

Published on April 6, 2011
After reading and watching so much of Tin Pei Ling saga, I am both amused and sympathized. She is probably in the worst situation a PAP candidate can be in.

Then I thought, having her in Parliament is not that bad a thing, right? Of all politicians, she is closest to becoming a friend of mine (on Facebook, at least we shared 3 mutual friends).

With that thought, I think there is a way for Tin Pei Ling to turn the table around..

She should embrace these views:
I might be inexperience, shallow, and in your eyes, a 27-years-old mei mei. But, remember, I am young, and is largely similar to young working adults, and teenage students, in the 18-30 age group. If I am elected as an MP, I will be the youngest MP, an MP who is closest to this age segment. 
That, would be the biggest reason why you should vote for me. 
I am Gen Y. I Facebook. I tweet. I SMS. I iPhone. I use MSN. I listen. 
I look forward to a good lifestyle, branded bags, if you need an example. I seek true love and for the man of my life, which I found. I have simple wishes, such as bringing my parents to Universal Studio. 
And most importantly, I care for Singapore, just like you do.