Brida, by Paulo Coelho

Published on November 11, 2010

I finished reading Brida, my fourth book from Paulo Coelho. It is also the first of his book that I bought, partly because I want to fill up my empty book shelf, and partly because his novels are good.

But I did not like that much of Brida.. It is a story of a girl seeking to understand her life, and learning to become a predestined witch. It is a very spiritual book.

Interestingly, my deepest impression of book comes from the last pages, on the biography of Paulo Coelho.

Paulo Coelho is a nobody when he first published The Alchemist. The book sold only 900 copies and the publisher did not reprint it.

But he would not surrender his dream.

He found a bigger publishing house, wrote Brida, which became a bestseller. And with the rise in fame, The Alchemist soon follows and became one of his bestseller too.

Lesson learnt: Don’t give up. Work hard, and when you find your luck with one, the rest will go along.