Released SG Motor Racing (Odds), at last!

Published on September 22, 2010

When Grand Prix was held in Singapore for the first time in 2008, I wanted to write an iPhone app for it, but was busy and missed the opportunity.

When Grand Prix was held in Singapore for the second time in 2009, again I was still busy..

And on this third time, Singapore Grand Prix 2010, I have more freedom and time to do what I want.

I started development very late though. I wrote the first line of (server) code on 5th Sept, finished the last line of (client) code on 9th Sept, and immediately submit to Apple for approval.

After waiting a few days for Appleā€™s approval, I panicked that the app might not make it in time for the grand event. I searched around for options, and finally asked Apple to do an expedited review. They responded, and my app is finally released on 21st Sept!

It was a long journey and I am happy to have released an app on my dream list!

If you interested in F1 racing odds, download SG Racing!