A New Chapter for my Career

Published on August 13, 2010

I am announcing an important adjustment to my career.

For the last 3 years, I have been doing mobile application development with Hoiio. It has been a long 3 years, in which I see the company gradually grows, and had witnessed as the company changed name from Bytesquare to Teliwave to the present Hoiio.

I had the opportunities to develop mobile apps ranging from video surveillance app, multimedia app to present communication app, and had worked with all major mobile platforms.

But from today onwards, I will be playing a new role in Hoiio. I will be stepping down as the Mobile Lead, and taking up a new role as a Mobile Consultant.

What sparked this change is that I have a personal fulfillment - which is to write more awesome apps.

Over the years, I have written a few hobby apps. I have grown to like writing such apps that can be quickly developed and released in a few days. I love it when my users email me, thanking me for making a great app. I wish to develop more hobby apps.

Over the years, I have also been approached by many to take up interesting freelance projects, which I have to decline. I wish to take up some projects.

Over the years, I have witnessed, and missed, many opportunities when awesome technologies/platforms are released. I wish to do something with latest technologies.

In order to do what I wished to do, I have to stop wishing, and do them.

That requires time, freedom, and a change of role.

As such, I am moving to a consultant role with Hoiio, an arrangement which allows me to satisfy my personal fulfillment, and also allows me to continue to contribute to Hoiio.

In the days to follow, it should be pretty exciting (: