An app to slash your phone bill

Published on September 25, 2009

Introducing to you Hoiio on Android - an app that helps you slash your phone bill. Developed by a Singapore company, Hoiio is a callback service that provides an affordable means to call/text overseas.

Previously available only on the iPhone, Symbian and other mobile platforms, Hoiio is now released for Android too!

If you are looking for a solution to expensive IDD calls or cumbersome calling cards, look no further. Developed with the Google’s almighty Android SDK, the developers from Teliwave have made its worth to create an app that makes calling/texting seamless, and inexpensive.

Let’s look at how we could make a call from an Android phone.

Making a call

Select a contact from your address book, missed call list or key in the number directly. Either way, Hoiio will kick in and prompts you to use Hoiio.

  1. Call your friend
  2. Hoiio takes over
  3. You receive an incoming call!

Note that you are no longer making an outgoing call, instead you will receive a free incoming call! Pick up the call and you will be connected to your friend.

Sending an SMS

Sending an SMS is as easy.

  1. Text your friend
  2. Select Hoiio SMS
  3. Compose and send!

The cost of an SMS is 8.8 cents to anywhere in the world. Not great for local SMS, but definitely is for sending overseas.

And did we tell you your friend will see your mobile number, with no idea that you have used a phone-bill-slashing service?

To get Hoiio, open Market and install it today.