Cheating in Monopolycitystreets

Published on September 24, 2009

Cheating on the Internet is a common thing, since it usually cost nothing, and tools are easily available. Plus a lack of police-ing, cheating is wild.

I will be highlighting some ways that we could cheat in this new online game - monopolycitystreets.

But note that these methods do not only apply to MonopolyCittyStreets, but works for any Internet games/services that are vulnerable, so use wisely :)

1. Multiple accounts

This is a very common cheat - create as many feeding accounts, with one main account. The feeding accounts help the main account to grow with unfair advantage, such as selling the streets to main account at low price.

The trick to creating multiple accounts is the needed emails during registration. But this could be overcome with temporary emails providers.

2. Tamper data

This is one of the trick I like best. It involves tampering with the HTTP POST data that your computer sends over to the game server. For example, you could change the price from $100,000 to $0!

The tool to do that is available as a Firefox Add-on. Nifty tool.

3. Autobot script

This is cool method to do things automatically. Software such as autohotkeys and iMacros for Firefox could help to move your mouse and press your keyboards while you are sleeping/drinking somewhere!

But, as of now, there is no benefit to use such autoscripting in Monopoly City Streets as there is nothing to gain by spending more time in the game. For MMORPG games such as WoW, it would be helpful.