Developer Salary

Published on May 21, 2009

Its time for salary comparison!

With reference from Developer Salary Levels, 2004-2009, here are some quick numbers (for 2009, in US dollars) :

  • Object Visual Programmer - $51,860
  • Programmer/Analyst - $69,178
  • Software Engineer - $81,253
  • System Programmer - $72,314
  • Internet Developer - $74,134
  • Project Manager - $95,458
  • Director of Systems & Programming - $131,498
  • Manager of Systems & Programming - $104,805

It seems that been a developer has some good pay. Even an Object Visual Programmer (that is object-oriented programming in Visual Basic) taking the lowest among is still quite good!

If you are baffled by the developers’ titles, here are some interesting comments..

Programmers get work done and provide businesses value.

Software Engineers and Architects talk about how the programmers get work done and provide business value. ;)

Programmers tend to think of programming as an “ART” and as such can accept releasing code with large numbers of known bugs and problems. (Like UBUNTU shipping with 25,000 known bugs and problems).

Software Engineer (or Systems Engineer) treats programming as it should be and as an engineering discipline. They are the professional programmers.