Mobile users

Published on April 6, 2008

You have a mobile phone, probably a smartphone or even a Pocket PC. You know your phone is nice looking, you might have gave it a cute name, bought it a nice housing pouch, and you know there are 4 things that you can always do - Call, SMS, listen to MP3 and taking photos.

If you only know the above, then  you fall into the level 1, the Simpleton.

To move to level 2, the Geek, you need to perform these few things at least for once:

  • Setup Wifi and GPRS settings
  • Browse web/wap page eg.
  • Download and install mobile applications

If you can do these 3 things successfully, then congrats. You have moved a level higher as you have unlock the door of mobile applications. Keep downloading and installing applications and your phone will achieve immortality.