The Hoiio name

Published on March 27, 2008

You are not the only one to ask: Why the name hoiio?

My answer to this holy question is:


We want to revolutionize the way we say Hello. We want a name that can go global, a name that is neither English, Spanish, African or Chinese.

We want a name that is for the whole world. We want to add this name to the dictionary, to your language, just like what google did with search. This is how ambitious we are.

But if you ask me how such a name is first thought, my honest reply will be

It is a free domain name waiting for us to find it (:

We grabbed for free. The name was freely there for 20 years since domain name started, waiting for us to grab it when the time comes. I call this fate.

A few more “reasons” why hoiio is a great name:

  • Great slogan goes with great name: Hoiio - the smarter way to say Hello
  • The similarity with Hoiio, Google and Yahoo is that they all have two O’s.
  • Hoiio is really right. Don’t believe? Type it out with your keyboard.
  • Type Hoiio on your mobile and you get 46446. We serve you 24 hours a day! (4+6+4+4+6 = 24)
  • We have 5 digits short code just nice. 46446. Google cannot even do that!
  • Programmers had been writing Hello World. Its time for Hoiio World.