Mobile Payment

Published on February 1, 2008

Mobile Payment is not yet mature, but there are various possible offerings.
  1. Ericsson IPX - Provides billing to prepaid or monthly mobile subscribers in 24 countries
  2. Paypal mobile checkout - Paypal is the most widely used online payment on web, but I am very disappointed with it on mobile and its sandbox development. Let me rant a bit during my integration with Paypal Mobile Checkout:
    • Could not find a sample code in Java. Instead, I only found PHP sample code. The API is not that hard to understand, but sample codes are always helpful to supplement pure documentation.
    • When using sandbox environment, more than 50% of the time I encountered 'Internal Server Error' or no response! How can they be down for half of the time and without notification? Even more surprisingly, I found out that they were using Apache 1.2...
    • No where in the documentation states that Mobile Checkout is limited for some countries - USA and Canada - only. And when I asked about it in the official Paypal developer community, I did not get any reply. It is extremely dead there... my post is still one of the newest after 1 month.
    • I finish integration fairly quickly, but my country (Singapore) is not supported! I still do not understand why Paypal mobile is different from Paypal web in terms of countries supported..
  3. Google Mobile Checkout - I really need to check it out.. but some info:
    • Cost and Fee: For every $1 spent on AdWords each month, merchants can process $10 in sales the following month through Google Checkout for free. For all other sales, the charge is a low 2% + $0.20 per transaction
    • Ways to Integration: Light integration with 'Buy Now' buttons or use of API for developers.
    • Supported Countries: Seems like only businesses in US and UK
    • Checkout API
  4. Bango
  5. Sharewire
  6. mChek - SMS PIN authentication
  7. Obopay