Mobile Web Site

Published on December 26, 2007

Mobile web site development. Some call it WAP development. In mobile devices, there are many different markup languages: XHTML MP (WAP 2.x), CHTML, WML (WAP1.x) and HTML (iphone, PC) too.

Guides & Links:

  • Global Authoring Practices by Luca Passani - He is internationally known for mobile service and is more famously known as the author of WURFL - Free and open sourced! But too bad his Switcher is not free..

Some Resources

  • Mowser Vs Google - Compare Mowser, which claims to be a better mobile transcoder than Google. Read here on a blog post and also how to prevent Google for automatically transcoding your Web site for mobile.
  • - Checks if your mobile site is compliant with standards set.
  • MIME Type for Symbian .sis:

MIME Type for Windows Mobile .cab:


Some Technicalities:

  • Dynamically respond with the correct MIME type with just a few lines of code from here. This helps when device such as iphone could not browse a WAP site.

Other Links: