just2me.com, a Christmas present for myself

Published on December 25, 2007

Its Christmas season once again, a period of giving and receiving gifts! I agree, but I hate to buy gifts as it is so nut cracking. Every shopping item that I sweep across my eyes, I have to repeatedly ponder on the question of “would he/she like it?”. Shopping kills brain cells.

But buying present for myself is all too easy. I know what I would like to have. This Christmas, on sudden impulse, I decided to make myself happy. I bought my first domain name!


It looks like a pretty good domain name right? I chanced upon it when I was searching for a new domain name for HomeTone (my Hoiio entry was chosen in the end). My domain name suits me and my blog since my nick is JustDevil, and I specialize in J2ME.

Lastly, if you would like to buy over this domain name, do email me. Bidding starts from $10,000 USD.