Random Resources

Published on November 19, 2007
  • Numbering Plan - About your phone number
  • Sprint Developer Guide - Sprint, a telco operator, has its own developer APIs for J2ME too!
  • Web Sniffer - Very useful web tool when you need to "simulate" HTTP request and see what are the responds.
  • User Agent Switcher - Let your Firefox impersonate other browsers. Import a UA list from somewhere else.
  • more to come...

Graphics Resources:
Project Management tools:
  • Basecamp - A useful online management tool, created by 37 Signal. It let developers communicate easily with its writeboard, todo, milestone, chat, etc.. It is totally online and needs no installation.
  • Trac - Lightweight, open source and works well with Subversion. Needs installation. The must try project management, which I felt is better than featured-rich Bugzilla and others.