Symbian Development

Published on October 28, 2007

This development guide is geared towards Symbian S60 3rd Ed, but it would be similar for others like UIQ or MOAP.

Components to install

  1. Carbide c++ IDE 2. Express is free, but without GUI designer.
  2. ActivePerl v5.6.1 - Newer versions will not work!
  3. S60 SDK - S60 3rd FP2 Beta is the latest

Importing Projects

To import existing projects, select “File > Import”. The to-be-imported project would require bld.inf. But if it does not exist, just create the file and enter the necessary info. Example:


Replace HelloWorld.mmp with your project mmp file, which you would have.

Getting Started


  • Symbian Resources - Provides tutorials/lectures guide from Symbian OS course at University of Applied Sciences in Haganberg, Austria

Sample Applications & Code Snippets

Symbian Signing