How to sign up and get free $25 USD rewards new user with $25 USD when they sign up with a referral code. If you never use any referral code, you get $0!

So help yourself (and help me earn $25 too 🤟🏻) by using my referral code f8276tkt8y.

Step 1: Download the app

Download app on Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Step 2: Enter referral code

Upon sign up, enter my referral code. Copy and paste this:


NOTE: If you have completed sign up but didn’t enter the referral code, you can still do so within 5 days after KYC verification is approved. To enter the code, go to app Settings > Referral Code.

Step 3: Continue KYC verification

Financial apps require strict identify verification. Bear with it and provide them the necessary documents.

Once you passed KYC verification, you will see the $25 USD, but it will be locked. The next step is to unlock it.

Step 4: Stake for a Visa Card

Apply for their Visa Card from within the app. There are various card tiers, with different benefits, including FREE Spotify & Netflix subscription every month!

You need to apply for Ruby Steel or higher tier, which means staking at least $400 USD.

Staking is like a deposit. They will be returned to you in the form of CRO once you un-stake.

Once your card is approved, the $25 USD will be unlocked, also in the form of CRO.

CRO is token. It is like their own “currency”.