My Birthday Philosophy

“Happy Birthday”

I hide my birthday on social media profiles. For a long long time, I find peace as there’s no more “Happy Birthday” messages every year. I struggle with replying “Thank you”!

Reciprocally, I don’t send “Happy Birthday” messages, even if I know it’s your special day.

(For friends who remember my birthday, you’re special. You didn’t rely on Facebook to remind you.)

Birthday Presents

I don’t want surprise present since that’s much likely a waste of money, even from my wife. The thing is, I don’t get too much joy receiving a present.

I get much joy buying myself the latest gadget that I eyed for a long time.

Reciprocally, I won’t buy gift, for the same reason that it’s likely a waste of money. And it’s damn hard to think of what to buy.


In a company, colleagues often pool money to buy a gift. I dislike pooling because the receiver don’t even remember who contributed.

While it is about making the birthday boy/girl happy, it becomes pointless when you’re buying for every one, every year, no matter who.

I also feel guilty when we didn’t buy for someone less popular. And even more guilty when that someone contributed to other birthdays.

It is simpler if we do away with gifts.

What are we left with?

We can have birthday celebration. Party, dinner or drinks would be good.

I can also pay for food, since that’s unlikely a waste.

As always, there are exceptions.