How to download LittleLives checkin photos

Published on January 2, 2022

If you registered LittleLives with your gmail, these steps will help you extract all the photo URLs from the emails that were sent to you.

You can also watch the video tutorial (and slides).

STEP 1: Google Sheet extractor

Open sheet > Make a copy

In your own sheet, click on menu Gmail Extract > Initialize to authorize the script to run on your gmail.

Click on the menu again and Run once. Because a script can only run with limited time given, you might need to run multiple times. Emails that have been processed will have the tag littlelives-processed.

STEP 2: Download photos

If you know any apps that can download all the photo using the URLs extracted, then you can simply use those app.

I use curl on terminal (advanced tool). If you know to to use curl, copy the 2nd column and run it on terminal.

# Sample of a curl command to download a photo
curl -L -o photo123.jpg

STEP 3: Convert to video

I use ffmpeg (advanced tool) to convert all the photos into a single video.

ffmpeg -f image2 -r 3 -pattern_type glob -i "*.jpg" -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p timelapse.mp4

The -r 3 is 1/3 of a second for each photo.

4 years of photos

That’s too many, so I selected only 20%, and created a highlight.

Awww~ 😮

Done 4 years at last! Yet we are starting another 4 years with Jade.. 😭

UPDATE: The portal can download too!

Maybe they have updated their website in recent years.. If you now log in to LittleLives website, there is button to download for that month! Slightly tedious to click for every month, but it is much easier.

Jade on her first day