Goodbye Flickr

Published on November 6, 2018

Flickr announced their big change, once again.

Flickr has undergone numerous big changes as the company changed hands – from a startup acquired by Yahoo!, to Verizon, and now to SmugMug.

I have dreaded for us to part ways.

Since 2012, I pay $25/year to be a Pro user, and was happy that they grandfathered the plan. But now is time to say goodbye, as they will no longer honour the plan.

Pro subscriptions now support a completely independent, family-run photography business that is committed to sustaining and investing in Flickr long into the future.

Flickr Pro at the current price is an excellent way to manage and upload your photos while participating in a vibrant global photography community. For $49.99 a year, grandfathered Pros will still get unlimited, full-resolution uploads; ad-free browsing and no ads served on your photos; advanced stats; great industry discounts; and the strength of the Flickr community.

We used to pay around $25 per year. Now, we are forced to pay $50 per year (double)!

Increasing the price is one thing, but seeing how Flickr is being kicked around, and with the slew of alternatives, I can’t help but ditch the product.

Flickr is in demise.

What’s next?

Export my 1TB of photo and video to my own NAS with RAID.

It is more expensive upfront to invest in your own home storage system, but I gain much more flexibility in how I utilize the storage.