What Apple Pay Excites Me, Are the Promotions

Published on May 25, 2016

Apple Pay has finally launched for Singapore.

Okay, to be fair, American Express launched one month earlier than Visa & Mastercard.

I was very excited to try it out when Apple Pay is available for Amex, and I quickly went to the nearest Starbucks to try it out.

Alas, while I was cool to tap my Apple Watch on the payment reader, I have to sheepishly take out my Starbucks card to top up..

Anyway, what really excits me are the promotions.

So here I share my favorites:

1-for-1 Starbuck breakfast set (Amex)

At $6.90, you get 2 breakfast set – made up of a tasty bread and a brewed coffee (which I usually will top up to a cappuccino for extra $2).

This is available till 10 June 2016, without any other limitation.

It is the first time for me to try Starbucks breakfast set, and I find it really delicious.

With the promotion price of $3.50 each, it is really worth it, that I would like to eat it everyday.. till 10 Jun..

$10 rebate for first 10,000 customers (UOB)

This is great, except it runs for only 1 day on May 25, and for first 10,000 who spent above $10.

Many Deals by UOB

However, UOB has more upcoming deals with partners.

Watch out for $1 Gong Cha, $1 KOI, $1 Sakae Sushi in the next few months.

20% Cashback (DBS and Stanchart)

Both banks have similar promotion: 20% cashback

For DBS, it is rewarded to first 50,000 customers, capped at $10, till 24 Aug.

For Standard Chartered, it is rewarded to first 20,000 customers, capped at $50, till 25 Jun.

Who doesn’t love a cashback?