Hardcopy is More Genuine than Softcopy - that's what SingPost thinks

Published on August 31, 2015

I went to SingPost Sembawang branch today to renew my road tax, happily showing them a PDF of my car insurance on my MacBook, and that’s what they say:

“We can only verify your car insurance with a hardcopy.”

“Sorry, we don’t have a printer.”

I can’t email them the PDF, nor buy a SingPost stamp and mail the hardcopy later.

I am forced to leave without a valid road tax, which means I will be driving illegally on the road the next day, to another SingPost.

Help from Canberra Community Centre

I was not hopeful that the community centre would help.

But I still asked.

And this kind young chap understand my plea and helped me print! (Kudos to Eugene of Canberra Community Centre!)

Back to SingPost

I went back with the hardcopy, pay the road tax, and guess what?

They returned me the hardcopy!

Oh yea.. so they don’t even need to keep the hardcopy for filing! I won’t be so pissed off if they had kept the copy for filing.

But what they are doing here is merely verifying my car insurance, and they prefer a hardcopy over a softcopy, probably because it is more genuine!

It’s like they are thinking: A hardcopy cannot be fake or edited, right?

Wake up, please.