How to find good Amazon deals in Singapore

Published on June 16, 2014

I recently bought a TV Projector at a big discount (thanks to bargain queen tips) at Amazon, which even ships for free to Singapore.

Original price of the TV Projector is $649, and I snatched it at $599 during that brief moment.

I was lucky.

But I wonder how people get to know about amazing deals that last for only a moment?

How did bargain queen tracks such deals?

And so I went into this research..

1. Amazon Gold Box

Amazon has a deal page where shoppers can find limited-time lightning deals!

It’s that simple.

I probably missed out this feature because of the clustered website..

2. Amazon Gold Box RSS

RSS is much easier to read, and you could be alerted instantly as new promo are added.

Here is their RSS feed:

If you have something specific you want, you might also want to filter the RSS using FeedSifter.

3. Amazon Coupon

Similarly, Amazon offers this feature where you can “Clip this coupon” and you will save additional money from your shopping.

4. URL pct-off

You can edit any URL, and add a “pct-off” to filter items with discount.

For example, to get 70% discount and more, add “pct-off=70-“ to the URL:

5. International Shipping

It’s a complicated science when it comes to international shipping e.g. to Singapore.

Amazon has instructions on how to search for items with free shipping. The steps are:

  1. Search your items, then filter on “AmazonGlobal Eligible” on the left sidebar.
  2. When you select an item, under Product Details, the shipping details should state “available for outside U.S”.
  3. It is free only if your total order is above $125 (USD).
  4. When checkout, select the slowest shipping method - AmazonGlobal

It is more complicated most of the time, because not all stores participate in Amazon Global programme.

The store “Amazon Export LLC” (which is Amazon itself) will be fine.

You can change the store by clicking on e.g. “23 new from $89.99” in the product page. This let you select different sellers, who have different prices and shipping policy. You are in luck if Amazon Export is one of the seller.

If unsure, add item to cart first > go to cart > Estimate your shipping (on the right).

The “Save for later” and “Move to cart” is pretty convenient for your mission.