I Bought Sketch App for $98.98

Published on April 17, 2014

Sketch App is a designer tool for creating User Interface.

This will be a replacement for Photoshop. Much friendlier and focused for building mobile apps, because it’s vector-based and css-based.

Tooling is very very important.

I don’t think I will be so involved with UI design if not for Sketch. In just under an hour, I created Poo Keeper icon.

And in a few days, I manage to create the iOS 7 user interfaces for the app. I-am-not-a-designer!

I am fully awed with the software.

Highly recommended for designers, and even developers. Well worth the $98.98 SGD (or $79 USD). Buy HERE.

Update: 3 days ago, Sketch version 3 was out, at an limited offer price of $49 USD. Sadly, Sketch version 2 users have to pay for “version 3”!