How I Downloaded 100+ Full House YouTube Videos

Published on June 4, 2013

On the night before my trip to Danang (photos here!), I decided to download all the episodes to this awesome Korean drama - Full House - to my iPhone and watch them during my flights

There are only 16 episodes, but the uploader split each episode into 4-8 chunks.. Hence there are 100+ videos.

If I were to to download them manually, clicking on each of the 100+ video links and passing onto JDownloader, I would have wasted 1 hour of my life and made my fingers numb.

Instead, being a programmer, I wrote a script in 15 minutes, and enjoyed writing the code in unfamiliar yet interesting node.js.

For fellow programmers, you can find the source code in this github repository.

For Full House fans, you can still go to github, and find the video links.