Year in review #29

Published on April 8, 2013

Today, I turn 30.

It’s a good time to reflect what I did the last 1 year, when I was 29.


  • Broke bank and bought a diamond ring
  • Then with the making of an iPhone app + website + music video, I proposed
  • And we booked a wedding venue by the beach


  • Took family photo in my graduation gown (4 years late)
  • Bought a even bigger iMac
  • Bought iPhone 5
  • Bought (technical blog)
  • First time buy flower, for girlfriend graduation
  • Watched a lot of theatre, and also a circus
  • Drank lots of Vietnam coffee
  • Painted One Piece of art


  • Proud to have done Hoiio API with team
  • Pitched on a big stage, and Hoiio API won DEMO Asia
  • A year of bagging awards, which we also won SiTF Gold award
  • Participated in THack (hackathon), and learnt Scala along the way


  • First time to San Francisco bay area for DEMO Spring
  • First time to Manila for bro wedding
  • Hong Kong for holiday
  • First time to Kuching, for holiday
  • First time to Jeju and Seoul, for holiday
  • As usual, to Shang Hai
  • Business trip in Ho Chi Minh
  • Attended wedding in Hanoi, followed by a 4 guys trip to mountainous Sapa. Now I am a biker.


  • The Lean Startup - must read for entrepreneurs
  • Business Model YOU - not great, don’t bother
  • Back of the Napkin - i love drawing
  • Hunger Games book #1 and #2 - fantastic, much much better than movie
  • How will you measure your life - great book for your life

That sums up my awesome 29.

And now, I am no more twenty something..