Singapore COE Bidding Guide

Published on March 20, 2013

With the recent 2 cooling measures to curb the exorbitant COE prices, I have learnt more about COE bidding.

4 Participating Banks

There are 4 banks that each provide different means, for different audience, and charges different prices.

Since Citibank will terminate and UOB is for corporate only, the individual is left with 2 traditional choices - DBS ATM or OCBC phone banking..

Most will use DBS ATM as it charges the lowest at $2 per bid.

There is a demo of how you bid.

COE bidding date

  • 2 COE Open Bidding exercises in a month.
  • Start on 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of the month at 12pm
  • End on Wednesday in the same week at 4pm.

Sometimes, there are exceptions. For example with the 2 new measures, the bidding exercise is delayed by 1 week for both March and April. From May, it will resume as per normal.

Results - Live & Historical

The live result can be viewed on LTA website.

ST701 Cars provides a nice graph of COE trend every year from 2007-2012. Or sgcarmart to display trend in a 6 months period.

Still in the work, but I have a Python script that crawls the LTA website every minute during bidding. With that, you can see how biddings spike up in the last few minutes.

OMV: Open Market Value

You can find out about a car’s OMV from onemotoring.

I have also consolidated a Google Spreadsheet for 2012 OMV.

When you scrape your car..

When you scrape your car and deregister your COE, you will get 2 rebates:

  • COE Rebate: Linearly calculated with the unused months
  • PARF Rebate: Rebate a portion of ARF paid. 75% if below 5 years, thereafter % drops every year

Refer to onemotoring guide.

Any questions?

If you have any car related questions in Singapore, it is best to head over to MyCarForum.