Add Sanity to your Crazy Email Lifestyle

Published on December 10, 2012

I don’t usually promote services unless they are real good. And SaneBox is a damn good one for Emails.

If you sign up with my invitation link now, you will get bonus $5 (and I get $5 too!).

If you trust me, go ahead and try the service now (free for 14 days, and it can revert the changes if you don’t like).

Otherwise, let me explain how SaneBox keeps my sanity.

The Value of SaneBox

I receive 100+ emails a day.

But, only 10% are really important ones that I need to really read.

The other 90 comes from mailing list, digest from social networks, transactional emails, system exceptions, etc..

SaneBox is a simple service. It keeps only the important emails in your Inbox, and moves the less-important ones to folders such as @SaneLater, @SaneNews, @SaneTomorrow.

So my routine now becomes as such:

  • Read Inbox frequently (as usual)
  • Read @SaneLater once at end of the day
  • Read @SaneNews only when I am absolutely free
  • Move emails to @SaneTomorrow for emails that I have read, but would like to be reminded to respond the following day

During the 2 weeks that I spent with SaneBox, it was estimated I saved 7.1 hours.

Cost of the service starts from $2.04/month. I choose the $5.79/month plan as that supports 2 email accounts (1 for work and 1 for personal).

The time it saves you, it’s worth it.

What’s in for me and you?

I urge you to sign up SaneBox with my referral link:

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You will get $5.

And you will save yourself precious time in your daily email lifestyle.

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