iTunes Connect Auto-ingest Tool

Published on August 24, 2011

I realized today a lot of traffic is going to my post on iTunes Connect Tools for Sales Reports.

It has got to do with Apple release of their auto-ingest tool, a new tool that let developers automatically retrieve their daily and weekly reports.

Strangely, that isn’t any instructions in the email sent to developers. The instructions are here.

Let me explain in short how to use:

java Autoingestion username password vendorid report_type date_type
  • Username & Password: Your iTunes Connect account
  • vendorid: It is a 8####### unique number which you can find in iTunes Connect.
  • report_type: Sales
  • date_type: Daily or Weekly
  • report_subtype: Summary or Opt-In
  • Date: In YYYYMMDD format

For example:

java Autoingestion [email protected] mypassword 81234567 Sales Daily Summary 20110824