I can activate iOS 5 beta for you, my friend

Published on June 8, 2011

UPDATE: I have reached my quota; sorry I can’t help further (:

I tried iOS 5 beta on my iPad for a day, and it felt stable enough for daily usage.

I thought I should help some of my friends activate iOS 5 beta, since I am a fortunate iOS developer. If you do not know, an iOS developer can activate up to 100 devices (which I still can activate another 70).

As such, I would like to help any friends, or avid iPhone users, to install iOS 5 beta now, and not wait until Fall 2011.

All I ask for is a simple return: sign up for testflightapp, and be my app tester in the future.

After signing up, use your device to open up the welcome email from TestFlightApp. Login, and I will know your device UDID.

After that, I will activate your device, email to let you know, and you may follow these instructions to install iOS 5 beta.