Tata Groups, and Social Enterprise

Published on December 16, 2010

It is always good to attend seminar, once in a while, that seemingly has nothing related to your field.

This time, I attended a seminar on Social Enterprise.

I have no idea what is social enterprise, and the only thing I know about Tata is that they are a big company in India.

After this seminar, I knew more about the social contributions Tata Groups had made.

First off, Tata is a company with a history of 150 years, and it is run by a big family. Over these 150 years, it has been run by 5 different chairman, all of Tata descendent.

The Tata Group consists of around 100 companies, with 27 listed, and they have businesses in many different sectors.

They are a big MNC, but what is most outstanding is that two thirds of Tata Group is held in charity trust!

That means 66% of what they earned is given back to society! It is given back in the form of donations, education funds, relief funds, research grants, promoting arts and culture, etc…

They believe in

Do good, and you will do well

Great admiration for Tata now.