No recession for developers?

Published on July 30, 2009

IT personnel somehow do not feel the effects/pains of recession - there is no paycut, no unemployment or gloomy future. Jobs keep coming for developers, such as these:

Jobs from TenCube
wants direct marketeers/tech evangelists, Symbian lead, Winmos lead, BlackBerry lead and infrastructure lead

Jobs from PropertyGuru
wants Web 2.0 (up to $4.5k!) and team lead/web architect (at least $5k!)

Jobs from Human Network Labs
wants Facebook platform and every mobile platforms

Jobs from Microsoft
wants web evangelists/slaves

Jobs from tweets in the air and twitter itself!

This is the recession period, so why keep on hiring developers?

Because number of computing devices and users grow at Moorse’s Law, but the number of people who really can talk to computers do not.

If you are a web dude, or a mobile dude, or speak languages that a sales guy do not understand, do contact me.