SG Blood - A blood donation app

Published on January 17, 2009

SG Blood is an iPhone application that I have developed for regular or new blood donors.

I had this idea of developing blood donation app when I know about the Nuffnang blood donation drive. I did not participate in the bloggers blood donation, but I did feel how heart warming it is when a community set out to do something good.

I hope iPhone community can achieve a similar feat.

Lastly, you might not like certain ways the app works. But there is only one objective for the app:

Give blood and give life (:

More about the App

SG Blood provides the calendar for Bloodmobile events, giving donors the convenient of planning where and when they want to contribute. The details for the 2 permanent blood donation centres - HSA and NUH - are also available within the app. A simple FAQ also helps to address the questions that new donors would like to know.

Features include:

  • Calendar for Bloodmobile events
  • Show on Google map the location of a Bloodmobile event
  • Record the date of the last donation
  • Display info, address, map and phone numbers of the 2 blood donation centres (HSA and NUH)
  • FAQ for new donors