iTunes Connect Tools for Sales Reports

Published on December 3, 2008

iTunes Connect provide sales reports for to developers on their released iphone applications, but there are merely text files which are hard to digest. Further more, the reports are purged on a regular basis which you could at most trace for the last 7 daily reports and last 13 weekly reports.

To make life simpler and make the mere text files more useful, some tools are made available by fellow developers. Below are 3 tools I found.


AppSales is a Mac application that tabulates your total downloads and sales, by importing the mere text files. As all my apps are currently free apps, I could not see any sales figure. But AppSales provide the grand total downloads that I was looking for.

Anyway, in 7 weeks, my numbers are:

  • 12,410 x SG 4D
  • 6,207 x SG Pools
  • 5,791 x SG Toto

2) AppStoreStat script

There is a Python script that tabulates that tabulates and store the downloads in a nicer text format. It will output the grand total downloads and the downloads segmented by countries. The output is easier to use if you need to graph out your own graphs.

The original Python script can be downloaded from Google code.

If you were to use the auto download reports scripts in (3) below, then you may want to download my modified AppStoreStat script that accepts the filenames from (3).

3) Auto download reports script

MaddyHome has a bash script that does some automation and web scraping to download the mere texts from iTunes Connect. But, it did not work for me.. I am sure someone can fix the script..

The scripts did not work at first due to the datetime used is 1 day ahead of Singapore. I fixed the date, and also modified such that it downloads all 7 daily reports. I also added downloads for the 13 weekly reports. Download the bash scripts here: and and

Remember to edit the scripts with your iTunes Connect account. You may also want to run a cron job for the scripts (:

Updated on 4th Dec 2008:

  • Added my modified auto download scripts that work for Singapore datetime
  • Added my modified AppStoreStat script that works together with the auto download scripts

Updated on 9th Dec 2008:

  • Fixed the auto download scripts as iTunes Connect changes slightly
  • Added auto download scripts for monthly report

Updated on 12 Jan 2009:

  • Fixed the auto download scripts as iTunes Connect changes again