Apple accepted Hoiio on iPhone

Published on November 12, 2008

Hoiio officially and finally hit the store today! Download Hoiio from iTunes App Store to start saving $$ on your call and SMS!

Hoiio on iPhone is the first iPhone application that I work on. It took a long 1+ month to learn and develop, and an addional long 2 weeks for Apple to approve that it is fit to be in Apple App Store.

When Hoiio was submitted 2 weeks ago, Apple send us the email:

Your application Hoiio is requiring unexpected additional time for review. We apologize for the delay, and will update you with further status as soon as we are able.

Usually Apple takes 4 days to approve an application. As such, my initial conclusion is that they would reject our application, or take 2 months before politely declining us with a “After a long deliberate review process, we are unfortunate that we cannot have Hoiio on the App Store, as it breaches our contract with our carriers (Singtel, etc..)”..

Fortunately, Apple accepted Hoiio and now users get to save on their phone bills!

There was another concern on application design. Refer to the two screenshots on Call and SMS and you will realize Hoiio design has a close resemblance to Apple’s and design! :

Fortunately, Apple accepted Hoiio and now users get a familiar Call & SMS interface!

Once again, download Hoiio from iTunes App Store!