GPRS Configurations for Singapore

Published on June 24, 2008

This page is dedicated to setting up GPRS for Singapore. These are the manual configuration settings, which some phones might need when automatic configurations do not work as needed.

M1 Prepaid

AP: miworldmcard
Username: 65 Password: user123 Proxy: Port: 8081

M1 Postpaid

AP: sunsurf (use ‘miworld’ if you don’t mind M1 injecting into your web pages)
No username/password
No proxy

Starhub Prepaid

AP: shppd
Port: 80
No username/password

Starhub Postpaid

Similar to Starhub Prepaid, except the AP.

AP: shwapint

Singtel Prepaid

There is NO GPRS for Singtel Prepaid!!

Singtel Postpaid

AP: internet
No username/password
No proxy

AP: e-ideas
Username: 65 Password: 65ideas Proxy: Port: 8080