J2ME Gui libraries

Published on June 1, 2008

Last Updated: 1 June 2008

Developing an application that has a sexy GUI is the hardest thing to do on J2ME. You may not believe as you have seen some great applications with good GUI. To name a few outstanding ones… Yahoo! Go, Opera Mini, Google Maps, etc… But these applications are not done easily. They have their own proprietary GUI library.

I have always been seeking for a good and free GUI library. But good things are seldom cheap. And cheap things are seldom complete. These are some better mentions:

  • J2ME Polish - One of the earliest and most chosen one. Under Open Source GPL license. 990 Euro for a single application license.
  • TinyLine 2D - SVG. Has evaluation license.
  • J4ME - Open source, free, and in Google Code.
  • LWUIT - Lightweight UI Toolkit, the Swing for mobile Java, a java.net project.

Good Blog with many J2ME resources/libraries:

Others - good but not very promising:

  • Nextel - Good that it is open source. I referenced its code, and it is not better than j2mepolish.
  • Synclast - Also referenced its code. But development halted.

Never recommended, would never try, and seemingly overhyped ones:

  • Twuik - Extremely expensive. I noticed its launch 1 year+ ago, but there is no progress since then…