J2ME Tips

Published on April 24, 2008

Download Jad and Jar

  • In jad, put your custom attributes after all the required and pre-defined attributes. I usually have the attribute names start with a ‘Z’ as Netbeans ordered by the name. eg. ‘Z-Hoiio-username’
  • In jad, MIDlet-Jar-URL points to the location of the jar installer file. If you did not state a full url path, it implicitly refers to the same location as the jad. But due to proxy and transcoders implemented by the network operator, this might fail. It is better to have a full path eg. http://www.just2me.com/MyApp.jar

RMS Persistent Storage

  • When an application is upgraded, the rms can be persisted for the new version. But the rms name must remain the same across different versions.