M1 MobileSurf is MobileSotong

Published on April 11, 2008

MS is a common acronym, usually reserved for the much hated M$, and now our fantastic M1 telco has come up with an innovative technology called MS. I think it is better called MobileSotong.

Why? Try surfing Internet on mobile if you are a M1 customer. You might go W.T.F., just like me. The feeling is like driving on the expressway and LTA forcefully zeng your car by attaching 2 big ugly anti-bumping cushions at the front and back. I will show you what happened from the MobileSotong technology.

Three days ago, I could make my call, send my SMS using Hoiio services perfectly well. 

Three days later, to my horror, I was shocked that every site, except the mighty M1, had extra ugly navigation at the top and bottom of every page!

They proclaimed that to serve customers better, they have transcoded web site for viewing on lower end phone! How ignorant can they be! My comments for M1:

  • If your good M1 customers are using lower end phone, their screen size will be no more than 128x160, but your extra navigation would already cover 50% of the screen! See my screenshots above! It is from high end Nokia N80 with 320x240!
  • Do you know what is ‘One Web’? Do you know the best practices of mobile web? I will leave this topic for another day. In short, you don’t know.
  • You transcode for EVERY website except your own. You don’t even have a white/black list that can exclude content providers from participating in your revolutionary transcoding engine (as if anyone would want to participate).
  • You mentioned it is for the good of the lower end phones. But why didn’t you detect the mobile first?? I have seen device detection. You need their help?
  • I have many other complains. Why are you keeping my surfing histories, tracking my daily activities, without my consent?

Anyway, here is the solution for unhappy M1 customers:

  • Change your Internet Access Point AP from ‘MiWorld Mobile’ to ‘Sunsurf Mobile’
  • Call M1 hotline 1627 and tell them they don’t have the rights!

“Only fools who do not understand network layerings will create solutions that will not work!”

Now I believe my computing lecturer.