Symbian - Autostartup

Published on January 27, 2008

It is fairly easy to auto startup an application for Symbian S60 3rd Ed.

Read the Symbian Wiki Guide here, but note that it is not perfect. Here are some tips/correction that you may want to know wrt the steps in the guide:

  • executable_name = “!:\sys\bin\.exe";
    Use ! instead of c or d as user can install the application on phone memory (c) or memory card (d).
  • Copy the .rss file to your project’s DATA folder
    It is DATA folder, not GROUP folder

  • ok
  • I added another 2 lines for the target name and targetpath. It might not be necessary but it works.
    START RESOURCE E17F4056.rss
    TARGET E17F4056.rsc
    TARGETPATH resource\apps
  • ok
  • ok
  • The difference here is the path to E17F4056.rsc. I changed it in step 4 so that i know exactly where it is, else i would have an I/O error when the file cannot be found (it landed up i don’t know where..)
    “$(EPOCROOT)\epoc32\data\z\resource\apps\E17F4056.rsc” -“c:\private\101f875a\import[E17F4056].rsc”

In some cases (quite a few), the .rsc file cannot be found. It could be renamed as .ro1 instead, which means “TARGET E17F4056.rsc” in step 4 does not work correctly… Hence,
“$(EPOCROOT)\epoc32\data\z\resource\apps\E17F4056.r01” -“c:\private\101f875a\import[E17F4056].rsc”

  • Yipee~

This is not the end of the story.

In order to pass the Symbian test criteria, the application must allow the user to disable autostartup. This is fine. But, strangely enough, the Startup List Management API does not have a direct way to disable it!!

There are 2 workarounds described here. I would prefer the later method.

Autostart after installation

It is usual for an application to run right after installation. To do so, add FR, RI to the mmp file. eg.