Python on S60

Published on December 21, 2007

Python is an interpreted , object oriented, and has remarkable power with clear syntax. It claims to be a programming language on the rise.

When mobile development on S60 devices are concerned, the platform that gives a developer the broadest power is Symbian, the native OS. But developing with Symbian C++ is nothing but pain. Python for S60 is different - applications can be developed quickly and it potentially could have as much power as what Symbian offers, since python is interpreted by a Symbian application.

But there are drawbacks to it. It requires the support of the open community to make it grow further.


In my attempt to learn, I tried to develop HomeTone on python. Surprisingly, in just barely 2 hours, I managed to read most of the tutorials and create a working application that can call and SMS! And it takes only less than 200 lines of code! There is a future for Python on S60! Will be perfect if there is an active object for call event in Python…