Device Matrix/Specifications

Published on October 22, 2007

Finding a device specification for a particular phone model has been hard. Either the links to the vendor is not easily found, or that they do not make public of this helpful information for developers.

Here are some good links:

Identifying devices and capabilities for developers:

    • Download API (for Tomcat 5.x)
    • Unzip and under wurfl\WEB-INF\lib, all the 4 jars are needed. Eg. add them to your libraries in Netbeans project
    • The devices database is in wurfl\WEB-INF\wurfl.xml. Copy it to \WEB-INF\
    • Override a servlet’s init(ServletConfig config). Add ObjectsManager.initFromWebApplication(config.getServletContext());
  • mDevInf using WURFL