Symbian Signing

Published on December 10, 2007

Symbian signing is pretty smooth and fast. This post explain on the full process of getting a TrustCenter publisher ID, signing a developer’s version with Open Signed and signing a release with Express Signed. 

The publisher ID cost US$200/year, while each release (Express Signed) cost $20.

Publisher ID

  1. From TrustCenter, sign up for Code Signing Certificate > TC Publisher ID for Symbian
  2. After the signing up process, fax or email a document certifying the validity of your company
  3. When things are approved, an email will be sent to you. Install the certificate with a web browser.
  4. Read here to export the TrustCenter Publisher ID to a .key/.cer pair. The tool to use here is TC-ConvertP12
  5. The .key and .cer pair is used for signing your cert, or to generate a certificate request file .csr (see below on Open Signing)

Open Signing

  1. Download the tool DevCertRequest.
  2. Run DevCertRequest, and supply the IMEI for the phones (for testing) and the Publisher ID .key and .cer pair. DevCerRequest will generate a certificate request file .csr. 
  3. Login to Symbiansigned, request for Open Signed and upload the .csr
  4. A corresponding certificate .cer will be generated and you can download for use.
  5. To sign your sis file, use the .cer from step 4. Note: This .cer is different from the .cer of the Publisher ID! Developers can use the build in signing in Carbide or the SignSIS tool.

Express Signing

Many steps.. longest and most tedious of all!