Book List

My Favorite Books

1. Tuesdays with Morrie

Life lessons from a dying sociology professor, such as: Every morning, imagine a bird on your shoulder. Ask the bird: Am I going to die today?

2. Happier

We learn many things from books, yet we never learn about happiness – which is obviously the most important thing in life!

3. How to Win Friends

This book was first published in 1936, and yet it is like the holygrail on how you should behave and make people like you.

4. Brain Rules for Baby

Everyone should have a kid, so I must include a parenting book in this list. I like science, so a book on how to raise a smart and happy child with scientific reasonings is my cup of tea.

More Books

I try to keep this list very short. But many books are great, and deserved to be mentioned too.

For that, refer to the list of all the books I read and reviewed.