The Difficulty of Writing for Public

Published on November 6, 2015
Originally posted on Medium:
I had started writting a couple of blog posts (Medium calls them stories), but they remain as unpublished drafts.
I have such drafts: Designing a new Developer Work-LifestyleNewborn is Boring; But Boring is GREATAnalyzing Jade App, etc..
While I started them, I couldn’t finish them.
  • The story is too short
  • The story is too long
  • The story is not coherent
  • The story is not polished
  • The story is not perfect
These are some reasons off my head.
But I realized the ultimate reason is because:
I am writing a public story.
I have fears over how others could react. I fear that they will criticize the content, or the grammar, or the style, or the lack of substance, or the image, etc…
I also fear if they didn’t read, at all.

Private Writing

On the other hand, when I write my private diary (with my Jade app of course), I feel so much at ease.
I can easily complete a long story in 5 minutes.
I don’t edit.
I don’t fix grammar nor typo.
I don’t re-read.
I don’t think about what others could think.
Writing for only myself is sooooooo much easier.